Take a Moment...

The Everyday is

the Most Important Day. 

It's The Things You Don't Notice

at First that Set It Apart.

Discover The Everyday Potentials for the Extraordinary Everyday

This season we are introducing our launch of SoulSpa!  The full collection of up to one hundred meditations - a set for each area of life - are going to go live for the first time! The book and virtual tours are on their way as well.  Meanwhile, we have begun this season's focus for our regular features:

Chill Out Sanctuary for Meditation

Hurry up or Chill out?...Doing nothing for awhile begins to change everything. If you want to experience a true place to go to clear the daily distractions and get to the bottom of whatever you're bottling up inside...chill out. Let your emotions drive your meditation with just a bit of self-guided support to feel tranquil as you receive what you need to take charge of your own experience.

What is Self-Coaching?

Getting to peace and stability is not illusive - it just can't be based on an illusion. Knowing your very specific experiences that manifest each day gives you a way to Check-In with your emotions, thoughts, relationships, money and so much more. Your own personal self-coaching allows you to immerse in the conditions you need to change your life.  It's a win win.

New This Season

At SoulSpa there is always something new to choose from. Since the internal experience is actually creating the external experience - daily practices offer a powerful anchor for clearly interacting with both to connect the dots. Stay with what's working. Leave the rest. Create your own version. Here is this season's new support for meditations and practices.

New Beginnings

Peace exists naturally. Hold the feeling of it as if it is already there. It is.  As the modern world has reduced so much to being words on a screen, the written word is in decline and images are coming back. The mind is predominantly the heart and we think in the heart language of images. Without sensing the color or tasting the flavor in our daily lives we are at risk of losing the bond with our words for describing life - and with it, our bonds with ourselves. It is in picturing what feels good in the heart that begins to grow the lives that make sense to us. Logic and intellect are great - it's just that they were meant to serve the heart.  Thoughts can be programmed, go viral and catch viruses. The heart still knows the way.

The essence of life is still grown from the same place of the heart. It holds within it the knowledge of life itself.  This, I think, is where the modern age is now beginning to take each of us in our own way - back to the heart. It's the home that's always there, holding the wisdom of the ages, that each individual can trust to take the next step.  Not much was written down of the ancient cultures that lived from this point of view. Communities never suspected their cultures would be dispersed. Now, in modern life, we don't live together in groups anymore. Families don't stay in one place from cradle to grave. Whatever understanding and meaning life takes on is locally grown from the roots again.

We can return to this understanding of life around the natural blending of practices that  enrich our lives and awaken our memories. Using the things around us while having an understanding of the reasons they matter is Daily Practice. The role in meditation or some other practice, is the same as a cook. A few basic ingredients, mixed effectively, turns into something much more. 

As always, the best way to get started is to start. The day cannot simply be taken at face value. It's the most basic form of alchemy we have. Even the simple practice of making that cup of tea, turns into more. It can become the focal point to plant the heart into something that will, with steady intentions of the heart, create feeling and fertility into some kindle of bundle of experiences...ready to crack open with something new to surface. 

What we are looking for is already here. Love, complete peace and beauty are sourced from within. Connecting to them creates the chemistry of the moments of life itself. As they are combined into the culture of our days, they are the practices that create the lives we love.  

This season of SoulSpa is a reflection of how things simmer before they burst into what's new.  Although most of the links on the website reveal very little in the winter of 2018, the spring and summer are sure to come with just enough time to transition from all the things that have been cooking to become what's new - SoulSpa. Coming Soon.  

To the Peace and Love in You,