Absolutely Peaceful

Remember what peace feels like in the body.  The body is a message center that is conditioned to what matters.  

Great Space

Well, meditation sometimes means a getaway.  The combination of aromatherapy, adding a personal touch and connecting to the inner conversation that doesn't happen anywhere else is well worth it.

Dissolve Doubts

Even after 5 minutes emotions begin to gently lift and restore to access self-healing and super-intuition.    

Daily Practices

Immerse in the care you need for everday living.


Intense recharge with a long lasting effect.  Designed to use the advantage of technology for calming down your stress levels and shift to what matters.  Music, hertz vibration and nature with short guided narration to renew and restore.



The ambient video environment SoulSpa creates is very comfortable to slip into.  If you need a way to nurture your own self-care, you are in for a treat.  Besides physical relaxation, your emotional and mental tensions release.  You won't get a much better fit.



Daily living pressures, yes...A problem, NO.  Pressures ultimately occur for one purpose - to assist remembering who you are and what you are doing here.  Each twist and turn in your day ties you to your personal beliefs and choices.  Questions are offered to assist you hearing your own voice and choosing an intention.



Powerful subtle energies are running our world.  Knowing clearly what your own subtle energies are is key.  Its the back story.  It's running your world.  You will be supported with ways to observe this, see actions to take and notice how it is working for you.


Meditative but social

Meditation news that changes your world!

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