Knowing what matters most can be a little tricky on the surface. See the gap between yourself and your next step within minutes!

With each meditation or daily practice you have ways to experience:

  • Music with hertz healing vibrations and nature sounds.
  • Short guided narration for first few minutes relevant to your need.
  • Natural zen settings and fluid visuals making anywhere a getaway.
  • A shift in stress levels as emotional and mental tensions release.
  • Access to self-coaching, self-care and super-intuition.


Do Your Daily Practices Help You?... 

Doing nothing for awhile begins to change everything. There's a big difference between de-stressing and clearing what's bothering you.  Get to the bottom of whatever you're bottling up inside. How to be happy and fulfilled is at the bottom of every question we ask. Meditation and other anchor practices begin to tie it all together. Our mission is to help those who have a disconnect between "inner life" experiences and "external life" experiences or aren't seeing results with their current practices. Complete relaxation is an important part of the self-coaching practice.     
Get to the bottom of whatever you're bottling up inside.  Not all practices are suited to your needs...We've got you covered.
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All the basic practices are here - and often work like popping open a message in a bottle to relieve your pressure then reveal your inner awareness. 

Life is happening somewhere beyond the To Do list. SoulSpa offers ways to strengthen and grow  your daily life while connected to what matters most.  We have gathered the main set of anchoring practices in one place, using  Life Themes, intentions, inner vision and more. You'll begin finding out from your Personal Life Theme why things happen in your life and when you want, choose differently. Then the rest of the Self-Coaching tools support you!

Whether you simply need a way to chill out or you are facing challenges, you can really grow roots that create the foundations of a life that flourishes. The nice range of practices easily fold into daily living to create a steady, firm foundation that influences everything.  Allow the day to flow between your inner life experiences and everyday living.

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About Us

The SoulSpa team specializes in helping people integrate satisfying living into daily life.  Jaynie Brazell is the author of the PATH OF THE SOUL book and creator of the Meditations & Daily Practices. Each can be used interactively.  Ben Madrid is the one who connects all the dots to make things happen. A variety of others are part   of our team to offer their services and expertise.  Whenever you are not seeing your goals and intentions balance with your daily experience, it's time to take the next step with SoulSpa. 

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